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Clinical study design

Aerotel USA, Inc. conducted a randomized, double-blind clinical study at the University of Bridgeport School of Chiropractic (UBSC) under the auspices of Anthony J. Lisi, D.C., UBSC Associate Professor of Clinical Sciences. Dr. Lisi is National Director, Chiropractic Services at the Veterans Health Administration and in 2017, was named Chiropractor of the Year by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA).

The aim of the study was to measure the effectiveness of Aerotel’s portable PEMF device* when applied, along with standard clinical care, to subjects with mixed duration mechanical low back pain (LBP). The primary endpoints were functional capacity measured by the Oswestry Disability Index (ODI) at baseline, 6 weeks, and 12 weeks. Analysis was conducted on the intent-to-treat population and as a trend of change in pain scores over time using repeated measures Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).

Results and conclusion

When outcomes were measured post- versus pre-treatment using the ODI, considered the “gold standard” of low back pain and functional measurement tools, patients treated with Aerotel’s PEMF technology reported improvements in ODI scores 3X better compared to patients not treated with Aerotel’s PEMF technology. Results prove that Aerotel’s PEMF device is safe and effective in improving function and decreasing pain in patients with acute and chronic mechanical LBP.

The full study report

A full report has been published in Pain and Therapy (June 2019, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 133-140) and was presented at the Association of Chiropractic College’s Research Agenda Conference (AAC/RAC) in March 2019. For an open-access (free) copy of the report, please click on its image to the right:

* The Aerotel / UBSC study used the MDcure™ version of our devise. The new DCcure device matches or exceeds the performance characteristics of the old device.

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